I found an ingenious way to write my blog posts without having to spend as much time in front of the computer screen, and without wasting paper. I found a product called Rocketbook.

Rocketbook provides a variety of notebooks and planners to fit your needs. I purchased the Rocketbook core, which consists of 16 dot-grid pages, and 16 lined pages. Using a special, erasable pen, I can write in my notebook, and scan the pages into my smartphone when I am finished.

The Rocket book app is used to scan the pages and also provides a way to automatically send the pages to designated email or cloud storage accounts. It can even create an editable text file. This is what is useful for writing blog posts since I can edit what I have written by hand.

The notebook is not electronic. It is made of special paper that permits the ink from a Pilot Frixion pen to be wiped off easily using a damp microfiber cloth. The notebook includes one pen and one microfiber cloth.

Another cool a feature is a set of icons at the bottom of each page which designate where that page will be sent. You can program the app to send to different email or cloud accounts based on whichever icon is checked. The app allows you to save each page as an image, or create a PDF file. You can group all pages into a single PDF, and you can transcribe the images to a text file by configuring your preferences in the app settings.

Using this process you can write your blog posts when you want to disconnect from the digital world, and then finish editing your posts when your digital-disconnect is over. I find that taking a break from the computer screen helps prevent digital eye fatigue, and headaches. Writing using the Rocketbook before going to bed helps avoid the issue of sleep loss caused by looking at blue light for an extended period before attempting to sleep.

Consider giving Rocketbook a try. Work on your writing without the stress caused by too much digital in your day. Even if you don’t get a Rocketbook, writing on paper will help save some stress on your eyes, but the trees may not be happy about it.

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